Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thoughts Based on Antagonistic Political Sentiment
A friend of mine, whose name I do remember but will not reveal because this is the Internet, told me that on a recent poll (I forgot which), Ronald Reagan was voted the Best American of All-Time. Ronald Reagan. I will type his name one more time, and then another time with what I believe should be his nickname in quotation marks. Ronald Reagan. Ronald "Fucking" Reagan.
Yes, I realize that Ronald Reagan is dead. That doesn't mean that we have to start liking him. It's not like he's a musician. The proof that Reagan is not the all-time best American lies not in the pudding, but in his nickname. He was known as the Great Communicator. That only meant he was great at communicating. And it almost seems to imply that he was a poor politician. Otherwise, his nickname would have been The Great President, or perhaps even The Great Communicator and the Luke Warm President.
I can think of a few people who were better Americans than Reagan. Richard Nixon, for example. He cared about this country so much, that he went to greater lengths than ever before to get re-elected. He created his own committee and everything.
I would even go so far as to say that Meredith Vierra, "The View" co-host is a better American than Reagan. She has stuck with that show the longest out of the co-hosts, while also doing a rather awful version of the show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Something about that seems American to me.
You know the movie A League of Their Own. It seems at first that all those women who loved playing baseball was a good thing. But if they enjoy baseball and keep playing it, it's sadistic. The only way that they can keep playing is if World War II continues. Yes, let's salvage this mid-west based 4-team baseball league in exchange for the lives of our brave soldiers.
I hope that came off as more humorous than it did anti-feminist.


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